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Union Bank UPI Application

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is an instant real-time payment system developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).UPI facilitates P2P (Peer to Peer), P2M (Person to Merchant) and P2PM (for small merchants and unorganized retail sector) transactions. 

Union Bank of India currently provides BHIM UPI facility to the customers of the bank through the container application VYOM which is a providing both mobile banking and UPI functionalities.


VYOM application is available for download from Google Play store and Apple App Store.

How to Register for BHIM UPI in VYOM application:

At the time of registration in VYOM application, the customer will be asked to select the services to be activated viz. Mobile Banking and UPI. Customer has to select either Mobile Banking or UPI or both based on the requirement.

When the customer clicks for the first time on BHIM UPI icon in the VYOM application, the app will display a message that “No Virtual Payment Address (VPA) is available to perform a transaction, do you want to create a UPI ID?”

Customer has to click on ‘Yes’ to create a new UPI ID. Customers should create a UPI ID of their choice containing a-z , A-Z ,0-9,.(dot),-(hyphen) based on availability with the UPI handles “@unionbankofindia” , “@uboi” , “@unionbank” through VYOM app and need to link Bank account(s) with UPI ID by selecting the bank from the list of Banks available on UPI. Maximum 3 UPI IDs can be created through UPI in VYOM Application.

Customers can perform the following financial and non-financial transactions using BHIM UPI in VYOM app.

  • Create/Manage UPI ID
  • Change BHIM UPI PIN
  • Link account to UPI ID
  • Request Balance
  • Pay
  • Collect
  • Share QR
  • View Transactions
  • Pending collect request
  • Create/Modify/Revoke UPI Mandate
  • Set personalized UPI transaction limit

Create/Manage UPI ID

UPI ID is a unique identifier which will be used to send or receive money without sharing Bank Account details.

Create UPI ID/Link account(s)/Set BHIM UPI PIN/Change UPI PIN can be done by clicking on Manage option available on the Home page of BHIM UPI.


UPI PIN can be set by entering last 6 digits of Debit card and Expiry Month & Year followed by entering the OTP received on Registered Mobile Number and ATM PIN.


UPI PIN can be changed by entering the current UPI PIN followed by the new UPI PIN.

Link Account to UPI ID

Savings/Current/Overdraft accounts of any bank that is live on UPI can be linked to UPI ID by selecting the Bank name from the list of available Banks. Once the Bank is selected, the list of accounts will be displayed for linking to UPI ID.

Request Balance

Request Balance option is available for the linked accounts under selected UPI ID on the Home screen of BHIM UPI. Customer need to enter the UPI PIN to fetch the available balance.


Customers can initiate a Pay/send transaction using any of the below options:

  • UPI ID: Customer has to select the UPI ID followed by the linked account from the available UPI IDs/linked accounts. Subsequently, customer has to enter the UPI ID to which the funds has to be transferred along with the amount. 

Customer can add the UPI IDs as payee by selecting Payee Type as ‘UPI ID’ in Add New Payee tab in “Manage Payee” option available in the “Transact” section on the Home Page of VYOM app. Once the UPI ID is added as Payee, the customer can select from the list of UPI IDs without entering the entire UPI ID every time.

  • By scanning QR: Scan QR option is available on the Welcome Screen of the App. Alternatively, ‘Scan & Pay’ option is available in under Quick Tasks on Mobile banking Home screen. The same can also be set as “Super Task” so that the Scan & Pay icon will be listed in the Footer section for easy and fast access.
  • MMID: Under this option, the customer has to enter Name, Mobile Number & MMID to which the funds has to be sent. Alternatively, customer can add the Mobile number and MMID as Payee by selecting Payee Type as ‘MMID’ in Add New Payee tab in “Manage Payee” option available in the “Transact” section on the Home Page of VYOM app.
  • Account No & IFSC: Similar to the above options, customer has to enter the account number and IFSC code to send the funds. Alternatively customer can select from the list of added payee to send funds instantly.


In order to receive the funds from particular person, a collect request can be raised by specifying the UPI ID in ‘Collect From’ field. The UPI ID and the Linked account has to be selected from the list of created UPI IDs and linked accounts so that once the other person/party accepts the collect request, the amount specified in the collected request will be debited from the other person/party account and will be credited to the customer selected account.

Share QR

QR (Quick Response) code for the respective UPI IDs can be generated and shared through this option available on the Home screen under ‘Other Activities’.

View Transactions

Transactions option available under ‘Other Activities’ on the Home screen of BHIM UPI will list the transactions based on the selected UPI ID and transaction status.

Pending Collect Request

The Collect requests raised by other parties with our customer/ the collect requests raised by our customer with other parties will be listed under this option as ‘Pending with Me’ & ‘Pending with Payer’ respectively.

Customer can either Accept/Reject/Block the pending Collect requests raised by other parties.

Create/Modify/Revoke UPI Mandate

UPI Mandate option is available under ‘Other Activities’ on the Home screen of BHIM UPI.

Customer can create a New Mandate/Scan Mandate/see the list of Pending mandates under this option.

Once the Mandate is created, customers will have an option to Modify/Revoke mandate.

Set Personalized UPI Transaction Limit

Customers can set the personalized transaction limit by clicking on ‘Manage’ option available on Home screen of BHIM UPI followed by clicking on ‘Set Transfer Limit’. The maximum transaction limit that can be set per transaction is Rs.1,00,000/-(Rs.1 Lakh).