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imageUni-Verse - A Metaverse of Banking

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Metaverse is a new generation technology which is a network of 3D virtual space where people can create, share and explore virtual world. Banking in Metaverse will benefit from a host of new opportunities, delivering immersive User experiences and an emotional touch to customers.

Union Bank of India has created “Uni-Verse” virtual Lounge where customers can choose their Avatar to enter into the Lounge. The customers can explore than virtual lounge which is interactive for users and will be able to browse through various schemes and products of the bank.

The Virtual Lounge has below mentioned features:

  • Access "Uni-Verse" Lounge through UBI Website
  • Select from Available Avatars
  • Digital Displays with Product Videos
  • Interactive Access to Products and Schemes Creative’s for different product Segments
  • Digital Wall - Video about "Journey of Union Bank of India"
  • Creatives and Advertisements in Virtual Lounge
  • Spin-A-Wheel

How to access:  

Kindly open the following Link into PC / Laptop

Click on https://metaverse.unionbankofindia.co.in/WebGL/

  • Use cursor keys (Up and Down) to move User forward and backward
  • Use cursor keys (Left and Right) to turn User left and right
  • Use left click of mouse to select and on various Interactive icons and product schemes
  • Hold right click of mouse to change view of avatar