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 Union Virtual Connect Union Virtual Connect (UVConn) on Bank’s Official Whatsapp Number 9666606060


1. Union Virtual Connect (UVConn): UVConn is an innovative way for the customers to remotely access the banking services seamlessly using WhatsApp Chat messenger. UVConn leverages WhatsApp communication platform to connect with customer for enquiries related to their accounts. UVConn is currently Live in 7 languages English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bangla and Tamil.

The list of services currently available in UVConn under different modules are as under:

Account Services

Govt & Tax Services

Debit Card Services

Credit Card Services

Cheque Services

Loan Services

Other Services

Account Settings

Account Balance

Form 16/16A

Block Debit Card

Credit Card Bill Due

Cheque Status

Home Loan

Door Step Banking

Reset MPIN

Mini Statement

Form 15G/H

Unblock Debit Card

Block Credit Card 

Stop Cheque

Personal Loan

VYOM Application

Reset TPIN

Locker Rent Enquiry

PPF Balance

Set Green Pin

Unblock Credit Card 

Cheque Book Request

Gold Loan Calculator

Apply For a Loan

Forgot TPIN

Account Statement

SSA Balance

Debit Card Limit

Card Statement

Positive Pay

MSME Loan Details

EMI Calculator


My Account Details


Debit Card Hotlist

Set Green Pin


Education Loan

Interest Rates

Change Language

Balance Certificate


Apply Debit Card

Apply Credit Card


Vehicle Loan

Holiday Calendar


Account Freeze





Home Loan Int. Cert.

Link Aadhaar Number


Account Unfreeze





Mudra Loan

Account Opening


Interest Certificate






Nomination Details








Spin n Learn








Cyber Security Tips








ATM Search 








Branch Search








SMC Online Account








NPS Online Account








Disability Support








Grievance Redressal


2. Vital Information:

2.1 The Registered Mobile number in CBS only can only be used for UVConn.

2.2 Bank’s Official WhatsApp number to be saved in phone directory for UVConn 9666606060. Bank has opened an Authenticated Business Account with Whatsapp. The authentication of number can be determined with an official green tick on WhatsApp chat window, after saving the number with name in contact list of user.


2.3 User need to send “Hi” on Banks official WhatsApp number (9666606060) for registering into Union Virtual Connect (UVConn).

2.4 After completion of Registration process, user needs to send “Hi” once again to initiate journey of UVConn.

2.5 User need to input the respective option number for the desired services. (ONLY INPUTS IN NUMBER IS REQUIRED WHILE CHOOSING OPTIONS)

2.6 For accessing Menu during UVConn journey, user need to input “Menu” to go back to main menu.

2.7 To log out from the UVConn at any stage of the user journey, user need to input “Exit”.

3. Registration/De-Registration/Re-Registration Process in UVConn: The process for Registration, De-Registration and Re-Registration is defined here below.

3.1 Registration Process: User having Registered Mobile Number with the Bank CBS, can type ‘Hi’ on Union Bank of India`s Official WhatsApp number i.e. 9666606060. User will get an OTP and on inputting the OTP, system will authenticate OTP. After authentication of the OTP, system will redirect to URL in WhatsApp messenger where the customer needs to set MPIN and TPIN and agrees to the Terms & Conditions. Once the user sets the MPIN and TPIN, the process of Registration gets completed.

3.2 De-Registration Process: In case if the user want to De-Register from UVConn, the modes available to the user are:

  • Self De-Registration through UVConn: User need to visit Account Settings ->
    De-Register option to De-Register from UVConn
  • By sending an email: In case mobile is lost, user can send an email communication informing Mobile number to vbb.operations@unionbankofindia.bank for De-Registration.

3.3 Re-Registration Process: Customer who had De-Registered can do Re-Registration by sending ‘Hi’ to Whatsapp number 9666606060 and completing the process of Registration by setting MPIN, TPIN and accepting Terms & Conditions. Users who had De-Registered by sending mail to above mentioned mail id, these users can Re-Register by visiting to the nearest Branch. Further, Branch after verifying the authenticity of the user can accept the request from the user and the same can be forwarded to the above mail id for Re-Registration.

4. Security Aspects:

4.1 UVConn is enabled with 3 Factor Authentication (OTP, MPIN & TPIN) in order to ensure that usage of product is secured. The User is required to validate OTP and then setting up MPIN & TPIN.

4.2 OTP is required for validation of Registered Mobile Number. This enables User to Onboard/Register to UVConn.

4.3 MPIN is required when User has to access services related to Enquiries, Requests, Card Services, Auxiliary Services, Loan Services & Account Settings.

4.4 TPIN is required when User has to access services related to Financial Services which will be rolled out in Phase II.

4.5 During the process of onboarding, while setting MPIN and TPIN User need to click on Terms & Conditions link for reading the same and accept for proceeding further in the UVConn journey.

4.6 During the on-boarding process, User needs to set MPIN and TPIN both. But for the present services enabled in UVConn, system will not insist for TPIN. TPIN requirement will be there after the launch of phase II features of UVConn.

4.7 The User has to use the fingerprint lock/screen lock setting (‘Settings -> Privacy -> Fingerprint/Face Lock feature). This setting act as an ‘Application Lock’ over and above the mobile device lock which will be required to unlock the WhatsApp application. In case user has left the device unlocked, the setting will prevent unauthorized access to WhatsApp and the Finger/Face of the mobile owner will be required to unlock the WhatsApp application.

4.8 The User has to use Two Step verification method of WhatsApp (Setting -> Two Step Verification-> Enable) so that the fraud such as SIM cloning can be avoided. With this setting enabled, if a user registers his number on Whatsapp again on another or new device, the user will be asked to enter the PIN which he has set while enabling this feature first time. The user is also asked to input his email address while enabling this feature. Email address is used to reset PIN in case if the user forgets it. In case, Person A tries to register with Person B number on WhatsApp on any other device, then the PIN will act as 2FA and will prevent unauthorized access.

4.9 After the completion of every Enquiry, system will populate message “Please clear your chat history to maintain confidentiality”. It is suggested that User delete the chat history on regular basis so that the old chats are not visible to any person other than the Registered customer.