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imageQuiz Contest - Terms & Conditions

1.Quiz will be held on Union Bank of India’s official Social Media Platforms where participantshave to answer all 3 questions.

2.Contest Duration: The contest starts on 1 st May 2023 and ends on 3 rd May 2023, onequestion on each day will be posted at 10 am.

3.The participation will be by answering the questions on the Bank’s Facebook and Twitterplatforms.

4.Name of the winners shall be announced shortly after the completion of the contest on oursocial media handles.

5.The winners will be selected by the Bank from all the contestants who will answer andfulfill all T&C.

6. All 3 quiz questions are compulsory in order to be eligible for winning the quiz.

7.The answer to the question of the day must be given on the same day before 11:59:59 pm inthe comment section.

8.Maximum Likes on the answer comment by 11:59:59pm will be considered.

9.Participants must include the below hashtags while answering the questions:

#LabourDayQuiz #UnionBankOfIndia #GoodPeopleToBankWith #AmritMahotsav #UniQuiz

Other Terms & Conditions:

1.The contests are brought to you by Union Bank of India.

2.By participating in this contest, the contestant agrees to accept its terms and conditions.

3.Union Bank of India can use your public profile picture, name &place in any contest-relatedannouncements on all its social media platforms.

4.Participants will have to like social media pages of the Bank

5.Union Bank of India reserves the right to remove any comments that demotivate, defame orabuse any participant or cancel, withdraw, change or substitute the Prize at any time withoutany prior notice.

6.The Prize is not exchangeable for any other product or item, is non- transferable andcannot be encashed under any circumstances.

7.The Program cannot be combined with or clubbed with any other scheme and/or offer fromUnion Bank of India, subsisting or announced at a future date by Union Bank of India.

8.Union Bank of India reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurelywithdraw, change, alter or modify the quiz or any part thereof at its sole discretion atanytime during its validity and without notice, as shall be required in view of businessexigencies and/or changes by regulatory authority and/or statutory changes and/or forcemajeure events and the same shall be binding on the Contestant.

9.Union Bank of India is the owner and/or licensee of various trademarks including allgraphics, logos, page headers, button icons, scripts and service names relating to the Contestand the Participants are not allowed to use the same in any manner whatsoever; whether ornot it causes confusion among contestants, or disparages or discredits Union Bank of India orits Affiliates. All other trademarks not owned by Union Bank of India or its affiliates thatappear on this website or contest, are the property of their respective owners, who may ormay not be affiliated with or connected to Union Bank of India.

10.Suspected or actual fraud and/or suspected or actual abuse relating to the Program, byway of fake or duplicate profile or profiles may result in termination of contestant’sparticipation in the program in addition to any other rights or remedies Union Bank of Indiashall have whether in law or equity against contestants.

11.The Contestant shall ensure that the content uploaded by the contestant:Shall not violate any kind of intellectual property rights of any kind. In case photographs arerelated to a natural person whether living or dead, the consent of such a natural person orhis/her legal heir must be taken.
Should not contain any defamatory content.
Should not contain any theme or content which is illegal or against public policy.
Should not be against the national interest.
Should not be against the social or religious sentiments of any individual or group of people.
Shall not be an imitation or copy of the image or content owned by any other person orentity.

12.Decision of Union Bank of India on all aspects including with regard to administering theProgram shall be final and binding on the Contestant.

13.Participation in this Program shall be construed as an acceptance of the Terms andConditions stipulated herein and of any rules and regulations already announced.

14.The Contestant acknowledges that he has fully read and understood and is thus fully awareof the terms and conditions of the Program and his/her participation in this program isvoluntary.

15.Winners of the previous quiz are not eligible for the current quiz.

16.Prize will be eligible for one category/position only on single platform, even thoughparticipant is securing winning position on one or more platform.

17. Only single entry/reply/comment is eligible.

18. Repetitive comments of single same participant won’t be considered differently.

19.Bank will contact winners only via personal messages from the respective social mediaofficial page.

20.The address and other details of the winners will be requested via direct message onFacebook/Twitter. Prize shall be distributed to the winners after the Campaign Period isover. The decision of Union Bank of India on participant(s)and the prize(s) shall be final andbinding.