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 Union Voice Assistant – Union Bank of India Voice Banking

Union Voice Assistant (UVA): UVA is an innovative way for customers to remotely access banking services seamlessly through voice commands. UVA leverages Alexa platform to connect with customers. The following features are available for customers:

  • 1. Balance Enquiry
  • 2. Mini Statement / Transaction History
  • 3. Debit Card Block
  • 4. Debit Card Unblock
  • 5. Locker Rent Overdue
  • 6. Cheque Book Request
  • 7. Cheque Status
  • 8. Account Statement by Email
  • 9. Credit card bill due

In addition to this, customers can keep themselves updated regarding the latest offers & products launched by the bank.

Registration Process

The process for registration is as mentioned below:

  • 1. Customers can enable the Union Bank of India UVA skill on Amazon Alexa by using the link - https://www.amazon.in/Union-Bank-of-India-UVA/dp/B0BRB6YQK9 and signing in to their Amazon account or they can enable the skill through Amazon Alexa app by searching for ‘Union Bank of India UVA’ in ‘Skills & Games’.
  • 2. As a condition to enabling the UVA Skill, customers will be prompted to link his/her Union Bank of India Account to the UVA Skill through an onboarding process.
  • 3. Union Bank of India hosted log-in page will appear through the Alexa App (vbot.unionbankofindia.co.in)
  • 4. Tap/click on the Terms and conditions link to enable the checkbox and click on the “Get Started” to proceed.
  • 5. Enter the registered mobile number and click on “Send OTP”. Enter the OTP received through SMS and click on “Submit”.
  • 6. Select the account from the drop-down list and click on “Submit”. Select the debit card number from the list and validate the debit card by entering all requested details (CVV and Expiry date, format: YYMM).
  • 7. A 4-digit PIN ("Voice PIN") has to be set. This Voice Pin is required for authentication to access the services on UVA.
  • 8. Click on “Authorize”.

Once registered, say “Alexa, Open Union Bank”. Post OTP validation, voice out either “Help”, “Balance Enquiry”, “Transaction History” etc. to make use of the services.

UVA has been secured with OTP validation of the registered mobile number. Once validated, session will be open for 3 minutes. After 3 min, customers must revalidate again via OTP.

Customer can, at any time, unlink his Account by disabling the UVA Skill on their Amazon Account.