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Image Sparsh Braille Card

Union Bank of India is pioneer in inclusive banking, and it has designed an innovative product – the Union Sparsh Braille Debit Card. As part of bank’s accessibility integration program and with the help from the disability domain experts, we have made sure, debit card has tactile marks for easy identification, orientation and use. This debit card is a unique solution that caters to the needs of visually impaired customers. The card has Braille features and an innovative design, making it easy to use for visually challenged individuals. As a part of our continued innovative efforts to focus on the needs of the differently abled community and come up with new and innovative solutions to make their banking experience hassle-free we have launched this special Debit Card.

Features of the Union Sparsh Braille Debit Card

Raised Braille dots

One of the most significant features of the Union Sparsh Braille Debit Card is that it has raised Braille dots. These dots are embossed on the card, making it easy for visually impaired individuals to differentiate between other banks' cards.

Braille alphabet 'U'

The Braille alphabet 'U' is appropriately tactile and serves as a quick marker to understand that the card is issued by Union Bank of India. This is an essential feature as it enables the visually impaired to identify the card accurately, preventing them from using the wrong card.

Rounded notch

The Union Sparsh Braille Debit Card has a rounded notch (half circle) on the opposite side of the chip. It helps customers use the right card, the right way, by touch alone. The notch is a tactile feature that allows customers to use the card without any assistance, making it a hassle-free experience for them.

Glossy Spot UV lamination effect

The Union Sparsh Braille Debit Card has a glossy spot UV lamination effect with raised texture on the bank's large size of the logo and silk screen rough spot UV on the contactless symbol. This feature helps the visually impaired to locate the bank's logo easily and read the card's contactless symbol, making it easy for them to use the card.

Clutter-free front face

The front face of the Union Sparsh Braille Debit Card is clutter-free, making it easy to feel the Braille and raised texture of the bank logo. This feature ensures that visually impaired individuals can easily locate the necessary information on the card, such as the cardholder's name and card number.

Improved contrasting colours

The Union Sparsh Braille Debit Card has improved contrasting colours for easier reading. The card is designed in a way that ensures that the colours used on the card are easily distinguishable by visually impaired individuals, making it easy for them to read the card details.

Card details on the back

The Union Sparsh Braille Debit Card has its card details placed on the back of the card. This feature enables the visually impaired to read the card details independently without any assistance.


NCMC enabled for contactless transactions

The Union Sparsh Braille Debit Card is NCMC enabled for contactless transactions. This feature is essential as it enables visually impaired individuals to make contactless transactions independently, without any assistance.

Personalized card

The Union Sparsh Braille Debit Card is a personalized card. This means that the card has the cardholder's name and card number embossed on it. This feature ensures that visually impaired individuals can easily identify their card without any assistance.


RuPay Platinum

Average quarterly Balance

Not Applicable

Daily cash withdrawal limit – ATM

Rs. 75,000/-

Daily shopping limit-PoS&Ecommerce

Rs. 1,50,000/-

Total Daily limit

Rs. 2,25,000/-


Per transaction limit for contactless mode

Rs. 5,000/-


Per day max. limit for contactless mode transactions

Rs. 15,000/-


Per day Max. number of contactless transactions per day


Issuance charges for new card


Accidental insurance covered

Rs.2.00 Lakhs

Rewards Points


Lounge Access

Domestic/International airports in India



Customers are advised that any person resident in India collecting and effecting/remitting payments directly/indirectly outside India in any form towards overseas foreign exchange trading through electronic/internet trading portals would make himself/herself/themselves liable to be proceed against with for contravention of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999 besides being liable for violation of regulations relating to Know Your Customer (KYC) norms/Anti Money Laundering (AML) standards. If the customer attempts to do such transaction, the bank will immediately block/cancel the card and close the account without any further notice. The names of defaulting customers will be reported to Reserve Bank of India.