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Union RERA Current Account scheme is a combination of three current accounts viz. Union RERA collection account (URCA), Union RERA project account (URPA) & Union RERA operative accounts (UROA).

Union RERA collection account (URCA): All collection proceeds of the project shall be deposited in this account.

Union RERA project account (URPA): In this account minimum 70% of the collection proceeds transferred from URCA, at the end of the day as per the mandate of the account-holder and as per RERA Act 2016.

Union RERA operative account (UROA): In this account maximum 30% of the collection proceeds transferred from URCA at the end of the day.

Account Type

Union   RERA Collection account

Union RERA Project Account

Union RERA Operative Account

Scheme Code





Promoters/Real Estate Developers etc. eligible for RERA Registration.

Average Monthly Balance


As applicable to Normal Current Account


No Interest is payable on these deposits accounts.

Cash Deposit limit

No cash Deposit permitted


No, withdrawal is permitted in Union Rera Collection Account, but at the end of the day 70% of the clear balance amount will be transferred to Union Rera Project Account and 30% will be transferred to Union Rera Operative Account.


Withdrawals from Union Rera Project Account are permitted / restricted as per guidelines issued by the state RERA authority.

The withdrawals are to be done by way of Transfer from Project Account to Operative account from where it could be withdrawn and utilised by the customer. Since every withdrawal from URPA will be accompanied with the undertaking from the developer on their letter head, the entire onus of complying with RERA norms lies with the developer. Further the withdrawal should be in proportion to the percentage of completion of the project.

Any document/compliance prescribed under the State/UT, RERA rules shall have to be obtained /ensured additionally.

Withdrawals from Union Rera Operative Account are allowed as in the case of Normal Current account.



All debits of return clearing/wrong NEFT, RTGS adjustments. Cheque return charges to be adjusted from operative account (UROA) only.

All Charges to be debited/ adjusted from UROA only.

All Charges of URCA & URPA to
be debited/
Adjusted from UROA.


Not allowed

Issuance of Cheque Books

Cheque Books are not allowed.


Cheque books are not allowed. However Amount should be transfer on the basis of declaration as per Annexure II. 

Issuance of cheque
Book is allowed.

Charges as applicable
to General
Current Account.

Outward remittances charges



As applicable to
General Current Account

Charges for Purchase of DD/outstation cheques for collection/standing instruction/auto sweep



As applicable to
General Current Account

Internet Banking

Only View Facility

Only View Facility

Both View &
Transaction Facility.

Minimum Balance Charge



As applicable to
General Current Account

Closure of Account

After Completion of the Project/Phase

After Completion of the Project

As per the discretion of
The customer.

The account can be opened at ELB, VLB and Large branches. Other branches can open the account after getting permission of respective Regional Head.