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Image  UNION MUSKAAN-Saving bank Account for minors


Minor of any age under guardianship of Parent/Guardian.

Mode of operation

By Parent/Guardian

Quarterly Average Balance

Rs 1,000/-

Type of ATM/Debit card

Platinum card (issued to Parent/guardian).

Debit Card charges

Issue charge – Free

Annual Maintenance Charge –As per applicable charges

Free Access to own Bank ATM

5 transactions (financial+ non-financial) per month.

Free Access to other bank ATM

3 transactions (financial + non-financial) per month at Metro or 5 transactions (financial + non-financial) per month at other centers.

ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit

Rs. 5,000/- Per day


Rs.25,000/- Per day

Free Personal Accident Insurance (Death) cover with debit card*

Rs 2 Lakhs on accidental death of parent/guardian operating the account (by Bank).

Additional Rs 2 Lakhs on accidental death of parent/guardian operating the account (by RuPay).

Free Term insurance with first RD opened in the name of the minor.


Free Term insurance facility would be provided with first RD opened in the name of the minor who has opened SB Muskaan account. Maturity value of RD will be insured in case of unfortunate death of parent/guardian. The sum assured of the insurance would be the difference amount of Maturity value and the available balance of the RD.

Concession in ROI for Education Loan

Concession of 0.25% in ROI on Education Loan.

Free remittance for fee payment

Free one DD/NEFT per Month of any amount for payment of School/College fee/upfront fee only.


As per applicable charges.

SMS Banking Charge

As per applicable charges.

Mobile & Internet Banking

Available with viewing rights only.

Free Cheque Book

Personalized cheque book up to 20 leaves in a year.

Investment options

Sukanya Samridhi

For girl child Sukanya Samridhi can be opened with us with standing instruction for monthly credit.

Recurring Deposit

RD can be opened and funded with a simple standing instruction from this SB account.

Systematic Investment Plan

Invest small amounts at regular interval to get a corpus at the time of need.

Account closure -within 14 days or after 12 months


Account closure -Between 15 days to 12 months

As per applicable charges.


Passbook will be provided.

Charges for Non-Maintenance of QAB

Rs. 50 + GST

*Terms & Conditions applied.