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Union Liqui Property

1. Eligibility • All business enterprises irrespective of constitution (Proprietorship/Partnership/Companies/Trust/Association etc) other than individuals and HUF engaged in business activity for minimum last two years.
• Enterprises engaged in speculative activities/Real Estate activities are not eligible for finance under this scheme.
2. Purpose • To meet working capital requirements for business activity.
• For Shoring-up of Net Working Capital.
• For purchase/construction/renovation of factory/ offices / shop / godown.
• For purchase of plant & machinery.
• For purchase of equipment.
• Financing repayment of high cost debts
3. Quantum of Finance • Minimum Rs.0.10 crore
• Maximum Rs.10.00 crore
4. Margin 50% of the fair market value of the property as per valuation report i.e. value of property should be minimum 200% of the proposed loan amount.
5. Facility Term Loan/Overdraft facility
6. Guarantee • Personal guarantee of the partners / directors /promoters (Other than independent/professional director) to be obtained.
• Personal guarantee of property owners to be obtained
7. Repayment • Term Loan to be repaid in maximum 120 months inclusive of moratorium period not exceeding 6 months. Interest is to be paid as and when due.
• Overdraft facility is for a period of one year. However, itmay be further extended subject to review/renewal of the facility by competent authority on yearly basis.
• The loan repayment must end atleast 5 years before the end of the residual life of the property as per Valuation report.

• For more details, Please contact our nearest branch.