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  • The scheme aims at providing financial support from the banking system to those, who have the minimum educational qualification, as required by the institution / organization running the courses eligible under the scheme.


  • Should be an Indian national
  • For studies in India
  • Secured admission in an eligible course as mentioned below

Eligible Courses

  • Vocational/Skill Development courses of duration ranging from 2 months to 3 years run or supported by a Ministry/ Department/ Organization of the Government or a company/ society/ organization supported by National Skill Development Corporations, or state skill missions or state skill corporations, preferably leading to a certificate/ diploma/ degree, etc. issued by Government organization or an organization recognized/ authorized by the Government to do so.
  • State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC) / State Level Coordination Committee (SLCC) may add other skill development courses / programs, having good employability.


Course duration

Maxim um quantum of loan

Upto 3 months

Rs. 20,000

Above 3 months and upto 6 months

Rs. 50,000

Above 6 months and upto 1 year

Rs. 75, 000

Above 1 year

Rs. 1,50,000


  • No margin requirement

Expenses Considered

  • Tuition / Course fee
  • Examination / Library / Laboratory fee
  • Caution Deposit
  • Purchase of the books, equipments and instruments
  • Any other reasonable expenditure found necessary for completion of the course (As such courses are localized boarding, lodging may not be necessary. However, whether it has been found necessary, the same could be considered on merits)

Moratorium period

Course duration

Moratorium period

Upto 1 year

6 months from the completion of the course

Above 1 year

12 months from the completion of the course

Repayment Tenure

  • Maximum repayment tenure after completion of course / moratorium period is -

Quantum of loan

Repayment period

Loans upto Rs. 50,000

Upto 2 years

Loans above Rs. 50,000 and upto Rs. 1,00,000

2-5 years

Loans above Rs. 1,00,000

3-7 years


  • No collateral or any third party guarantee to be taken
  • Loans should be mandatorily covered under CGFSEL.
  • The parent to execute the loan documents along with the student as co-borrower


  • Optional, at the requirement of the borrower.


**Conditions Apply**

**Contact our nearest Branch for more details**