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U Control - Mobile based application for credit card customers

With U Control credit card holders now can manage usage of all their credit cards from a single mobile application. Cardholders need to install the App in their smart phone and upload the card details on the mobile App which will enable them to manage the card in various ways. U control solution allows cardholders to participate in the authorization of payments made using their cards. The basic facilities provided to the credit card holders through the App are as under:

  • Add /Remove Cards
  • Temporary Activation/ Deactivation the card
  • Set Spending limit
  • Enable / Disable Payment Channels (POS, ATM and e-Commerce)
  • Enable / Disable International transactions
  • Card Hot listing
  • Spend Analyser
  • Spend History
  • Notification Alert

The above U control features allows cardholder to make these changes instantly using his/her phone on a 24/7 basis.