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Scheme Guidelines






Bank has introduced digital online platform Trade Nxt, which is a web-based application for exporter and importer to transact export & import banking transactions.


For our trade finance customers, Trade Nxt is a single point of contact with cutting-edge capabilities, which would facilitate all cross border transactions as well as FX remittances for corporate clients giving them online access to make transaction requests, and ensure better governance with stronger security and controls.


System supports all the type of trade transaction related to Export, Import, Guarantees and Remittances.








All kind of corporate customers






1.    Convenience - Avail service from your home or office, No need to visit B Category branches.

2.    24x7 Availability - Trade related transaction can be initiated on the portal round the clock at ease.

3.    Customization - Personalized dashboards, customized prefilled templates, notifications & alerts, due date reminders etc.

4.    Paperless Banking via Digitization - Dedicated portal for managing all trade transactions, Auto mailer of advices and SMS intimations

5.    Process Improvement - Driven by sophisticated AI and OCR Technologies to initiate and process transactions

6.    Efficiency - Substantial improvement in TAT due to Digitization and Centralization

7.    Relationship Manager - Improved Customer service through dedicated Relationship Managers

8.    Compliance - Complying with Regulatory norms & Procedures along with International Best Practices





Services Available


1.   Import

a)    Import L/c

b)    Import Bills (Collection & L/c)

c)    Import Advance Remittances

d)    Buyers Credit

e)    Suppliers Credit

f)     Foreign Bank Guarantee


2.   Export

a)    Export Collection

b)    Pre shipment finance (INR & FCY)

c)    Post shipment finance (INR & FCY)

d)    Export LC advising

e)    Export LC confirmation

f)     Export LC backed Bill finance


3.   Remittances

a)    Inward Remittances

b)    Outward Remittances





Onboarding criteria


Customer wishing to avail the Trade Nxt services of Union Bank of India are required to submit following documents duly filled & signed by Authorized Signatories to their base branch.


a)    Application cum declaration form

b)    Terms & Condition