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Confirmed/permanent employees working at Government organizations (Central / State), PSUs, Central/State Government undertakings, Defence, armed personnel, Ministries/Departments under the Ministries, officers in All India Services, Teaching & non-teaching staff at Government Schools & Colleges.

BSNL employees are not covered under this scheme. The existing Special Retail Lending Scheme for BSNL employees will continue.

The employee can be the main applicant or co-applicant.

In case of educational loans taken for the ward of Govt. employee, the employee (parent) will be the co-applicant of the loan.

The employee should necessarily maintain salary account with our Bank.

Rate of interest


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Personal loan under SRLGE, may be sanctioned as Term as well as Overdraft (OD). In case of over draft, one must be adhered the following guidelines:

On attaining the age of 55 years, or 5 years prior to retirement date, whichever is earlier, 25% of OD limit will be reduced each year leading to adjustment of entire OD limit one year prior to retirement of the borrower.

In case the retirement age is prior to 60 years, then OD limit is to be adjusted 5 years prior to retirement.

Salary to be credited in this OD account every month.

Interest should be serviced on monthly basis by the borrower.

In case of failure, penal interest should be charged.

Processing Charges

Nil for all the above schemes.

Takeover of loan from other Banks/FI

Only those loans which are in standard category, i.e. those accounts whose repayment is regular and up-to-date can be taken over by our Bank.

No overdue amount should be there in the account, at the time of takeover.

The repayment schedule should be as per the original repayment schedule with the bank from where the loan is taken over.

Other Terms & Conditions

All other terms & conditions as per the concerned schemes.

Salary of the concerned government employee should get credited in the designated saving bank account with us every month.