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The objective for extending agricultural produce marketing loan is to provide certain amount of liquidity to the farmers and prevent them from resorting to distress sale of their produce at the time of harvest.

Nature and
purpose of

  • Short Term Loan (Demand Loan) under 'Direct Agriculture'/ 'Indirect Agriculture' against pledge of the Warehouse/Storage/Cold Storage Receipt of :
  • Central/ State Warehousing Corporation or ;
  • Approved private Warehouses/Godown/Cold Storage or;
  • Accredited Collateral Manager's Storage Area or
  • Against hypothecation/pledge of agriculture produce stored in Farmer’s rural godowns/ house separately.

Quantum of loan

  • Maximum up to Rs.50.00 lacs per farmer.


  • Loans to individual farmers [including Self Help Groups (SHGs) or Joint Liability Groups (JLGs), i.e. groups of individual farmers, provided banks maintain disaggregated data on such loans] engaged in agriculture and allied activities.
  • Non-defaulting farmers who have availed crop loans from our Bank.
  • Other farmers in Service Area/ Command Area having no dues/no objection with/from other banks.
  • And Loans to corporates, partnership firms and institutions engaged in agriculture and allied activities.

Primary Security

  • Pledge of receipts covering stocks of agricultural commodities in warehouses of
    • Central/State Warehousing Corporation or
    • Approved private Warehouses/ Godown /Cold Storage
    • Accredited Collateral Manager's Storage Area.
  • The loan may also be secured by hypothecation/pledge of agricultural produce stored with the cultivators.

Collateral security & Guarantee

As per extant bank guidelines


Commodity wisestipulated margin as approved by bank.


The entire loan amount along with accrued interest should be recovered within 12 months (subject to satisfactory shelf life/market condition) of availing loan. No rollover is permitted. Part payments are also allowed.

Tie up with National Electronic Repository ltd (NERL)

Short term loan (demand loan) against pledge of e-NWR receipt of NERL covering stocks of agricultural commodities stored in ware houses registered withyWDRA .
Upto Rs.50 lacs per farmer
Entire loan  amount along with accrued interest within validity period of e-NWR or within maximum 12 months
Other conditions as per extant bank guidelines

Forms & Documents

Appropriate DPN note, Letter of continuity,  Pledge agreement, Deed of guarantee , Letter of general lien and setoff , Undertaking from borrower /Guarantor for disclosure to CIBIL, ware house /storage/cold storage receipts standing in the name of borrower duly endorsed in Banks favour, hypothecation agreement, undertaking from the borrower that the produce shall not be disposed of before adjustment of loan , undertaking from ware house, cold storage owners, agreement between ware house, cold storage units, and the Bank, a letter of indemnity from the warehouse/storage owner etc. and any other document stipulated in sanction.

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Conditions apply

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