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Union Green Card is provided to meet working capital requirements of farmers for cultivation of crops. Under this loan, investment credits like minor irrigation, farm mechanization, etc. and allied activities to agriculture are provided. Besides, to meet other consumption needs such as education, consumable items, medical expenses, etc. up to 25% of the limit are available at or Rs.50, 000/-, whichever is lower.
  • All farmers are eligible to avail loans under conventional/cash credit crop loan scheme and/or other agricultural activities including allied activities.
  • Farmers, who are not defaulter in any credit institution.
  • Progressive, literate and illiterate farmers who are owners, cultivators, tenants, lessee farmers with recorded occupancy rights or farmers with ancestral/perpetual rights, oral tenants can be eligible for loans, if land owners agree to become co-borrowers.
  • UGC can also be taken against some liquid securities like gold jewellery/NSC/FDRs/KVPs, etc.
Quantum of loan:-

A) For conventional as well as high yielding crops, investment credit viz. minor irrigation, farm mechanization, etc. allied activities and consumption needs: -

Acreage (Irrigated Lands) Maximum loan limit*

a) Up to 1 acre --- Rs.20,000/-

b) Above 1 acre and up to 3 acres --- Rs.75,000/-

c) Above 3 acres and up to 6 acres --- Rs.2.00 lacs

d) Above 6 acres and up to 8 acres --- Rs.3.00 lacs

e) Above 8 acres --- Rs.3 to Rs.5 lacs

* Lower limits can be sanctioned in each category.

However, for medicinal and herbal plants, hi-tech agriculture, plantation of special crops like vanilla, safed musali, etc. and medium term loans like minor irrigation, farm mechanization, etc. actual cost of cultivation plus medium term loan and allied activities and consumption needs may be considered in which case above mentioned maximum ceiling will not be applicable. In such case, proper proof for cost of cultivation should be produced and value of land must be more or equal to amount of loan.

Margin, I.E. YOUR SHARE:-
Up to Rs.1,00,000/- - Nil.

Above Rs.1,00,000/- - 10% to 15%.

Rate of Interest:-
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Maximum repayment period of up to 12 months for normal crops and 18 months for long duration crops such as Sugarcane (Adsali), Pineapple, Banana, etc. Repayment should coincide with marketing of produce.
  • Up to Rs.1,00,000/- -- Only hypothecation of assets/crops be taken.
  • Above Rs.1,00,000/- -- Mortgage of land and/or third party guarantee be taken in addition to hypothecation of assets/crops. Value of land should not be less than the amount of the loan.
All eligible crops will be covered under National Agricultural Insurance Scheme [Rashtriya Krishi Bima Yojana].