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This is to provide hassle free credit to our customers in rural and semi-urban areas based on the assessment of cash flow without insistence on security, purpose, or end-use of the credit. The credit may be in the nature of overdraft or cash credit. Offered through all our rural and semi-urban branches.

  • Applicant should be of the minimum age of 21 years and maximum age of 55 years
  • Permanent resident of the command area of the branch which can be verified with ration card or any other documentary proof such as voter's list, electoral identity card etc
  • Dealing with the Bank for at least last six months and his/her deposit account should show satisfactory transactions
  • Have adequate repayment capacity
  • Not have availed any other loan and/or credit card from our Bank
  • Not defaulter of any other Bank/ Financial Institutions. No dues certificate should be obtained from other Banks/Financial Institutions in the area
  • Only One person in the family will be issued the general credit card. No other family members of the applicant should be defaulter/NPA account holder of our Bank
  • Women beneficiaries will be given preference
  • Branch Manager may invite references from farmers clubs, school teachers, and post masters, valued clients of the branch, health centres, reputed NGOs and other Government officials
Quantum of loan:-
  • 25% of the gross annual income of the main earning member of the family subject to maximum Rs.25,000/- per borrower
  • The limit to be decided based on repayment capacity of the applicant
  • Net income of the applicant to be sufficient to repay the advance
Assessment of Income:-
For assessment of income any of the following documents may be taken as proof of income:
Salaried Class/Business Class/Self-employed
  • Latest Salary Slip/Computer pay slip duly signed/ stamped by the employer.
  • Salary Certificate from employer
  • Form No. 16
  • IT return acknowledgement copy (last financial year)
Agriculturists/Rural Inhabitants
Income Certificate from Mandal Revenue Officer/ Tashildar's Certificate as proof of income, containing parameters like acreage of land holding, extent of crops grown, yield per acre, income from other sources etc.
Security documents:-
  • Demand Promissory Note.
  • Letter of continuity.