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Bank has approved various Area Specific Schemes based on the suitability of various location. Some of the major Area Specific Schemes are as under:

  • Area Specific Scheme for Poultry Farming for Andhra Pradesh and Punjab State;
  • Area Specific Scheme for cultivation of sugarcane under tie-up with sugar factories (Pan India);
  • Area Specific Scheme for sugarcane harvesting and transport contractor under tie-up with sugar factories (Pan India);
  • Area Specific Scheme for Pine Apple Growers for Kottayam & Ernakulam Regions ;
  • Scheme for financing Crossbred Cows under tie-up with Milk Producer Union for Baroda Region;
  • Area Specific Scheme for cultivation of crops / vegetables / flowers under green house/poly house/shade for Gujarat State; (Union Bio-Tech – PAN India);
  • Scheme for financing modern Aquaculture (shrimp farming) for Nellore Region;
  • Scheme for financing farmers for installation of Drip Irrigation System under tie up with Jain Irrigation (Pan India);
  • Cluster scheme for construction/renovation of cold storage (Pan India);
  • Area Specific Scheme for financing farmers for Mango & Cashew Plantation for Goa & selected districts of Maharashtra;
  • Scheme for returned NRIs in the state of Kerala;
  • Scheme for tobacco growers under tie up arrangement with Tobacco Board for Vijayawada Region;
  • Scheme for financing group of mango cultivator under tie up of M/S Keventer Agro Limited for Kolkata Region
  • Kisan Credit Card Scheme for financing farmers above Rs.3.00 lacs at concessional Rate of Interest in Rajasthan
  • Scheme for potato growers in Jalandhar Region
  • Scheme for financing Cross Bred Cows under tie up with SABAR Dairy in Mehsana Region
  • Scheme for financing Food & Agro Based processing units in Dehradun Region
  • Scheme for financing to Cotton Ginners & Traders (PAN India)
  • Scheme for production, multiplication, processing, certification and distribution of seeds (PAN India)
  • Scheme for agriculture inputs/machineries/ implements dealers (PAN India)
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