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  • Agri-clinics or Agri-business are envisaged to provide expert services and advice to farmers on cropping practices, technology dissemination, crop protection from pests and diseases, market trends and prices of various crops in the market and also clinical services for animal health etc. which would enhance productivity of crops/animals.

What is Agri clinics and Agri business centres

  • Agri-Clinics: Agri-Clinics arc envisaged to provide  expert advice  and  services to farmers on  various technologies  and    clinical services for animal health,  which   would   enhance  productivity of  crops/animals.
  • Agri-Business Centres: Agri-Business Centers are units established by trained candidates for maintenance and   custom hiring of farm equipment, sale of inputs and   other services in  agriculture and   allied  areas,  including post   harvest management     and      market    linkages    for     income   generation    and entrepreneurship   development. 

Nature of limit

  • Term loans for investment purpose
  • Working capital.
  • Composite loan comprising of both working capital and term loan requirements.


The scheme is open to following categories of candidates of age group of 18 to 60 years

  • Diploma   (with   at   least  50%   marks)/  Post   Graduate  Diploma holders/ Graduates/ Post Graduation in Agriculture  and   allied   subjects Degree   courses recognized by UGC having more than 60 percent of the course content in Agriculture and allied subjects (as above).
  • Agriculture related courses at intermediate (i.e.  Plus two) level, with at least 55% marks.

Quantum of Loan

As per the scheme, 20 lakhs are available to individuals and 100 lakhs are provided to a group of five trained persons.


  • Up to Rs.5.00 Lakh : Nil
  • Above Rs.5.00 lakh: As per bank guidelines


  • Up to Rs.5.00 Lakh : No mortgage
  • Above Rs.5.00 Lakh : As per bank guidelines


Agri Clinic &Agri Business Centres Schemes are eligible for subsidy from NABARD subject to terms and conditions.

Forms & Documents

Appropriate DPN note, Letter of continuity, Letter of general lien and setoff ,General Term loan agreement, CIBIL undertaking , third party guarantee and any other document stipulated in sanction.

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Conditions apply.

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