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The service is for assured turn around time for collection and payment of outstation cheques (payable in India) on T+ 6 basis developed exclusively for our accountholders.
The salient benefits of this service are:
  1. It is available to our customers on all outstation cheques payable in India and credit will be converted to their account within T+6 basis.
  2. In case of delay beyond T+6 basis, interest will be paid by the Bank as per the Compensation Policy, for the delayed period. Presently the compensation payable is as follows:
  1. Fixed deposit rate prevailing at the time of payment of interest for the period of delay beyond 7days in collection of outstation cheques.
  2. In case the delay period is less than 7 days, the applicable interest rate will be the rate of interest for minimum tenure of term deposit i.e. 7 - 14 days.
  3. In the event the proceeds of cheques under collection were to be credited to an overdraft/loan account of the customer, interest will be paid at the rate applicable to the loan amount.
There could be few locations where Union Bank may not be participating in the local clearing. If we are unable to extend credit under this service due to this reason, our branch will intimate you about the same at the time of receiving the cheque.