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UCCA - B is the Premium Current Account Product tailored for Banks including Co-operative Banks and RRBs.
This product facilitates the banks for free remittances and free cash transactions up to certain level.
Average Monthly Balance (AMB) :-
  1. For Scheduled Commercial Banks :- Rs. 100 Lacs
  2. For RRBs and Co-operative Banks  :- Rs.  50 Lacs
Facilities Offered :
Fund Transfer :
  • Domestic Fund Transfer involving PO/DD/Intersol (other than cash deposits)/ Multicity Cheques)/RTGS/NEFT will be clubbed together to offer concessions
  • Total free remittancewill be allowed to the extent of Rs.250 lacs p.m. for Scheduled Commercial Banks and Rs125 lacs p.m. for RRBs & Cooperative Banks
  • Beyond these limits, for all types of remittances, charges will be levied as applicable to normal current accounts
  • Remittances will be allowed only with debit to the account and not against payment of cash. In other words, no remittances will be allowed against cash payment or any means, other than debit to UCCA-B
  • Banks are not permitted to seek remittances of any kind other than their own requirements, under UCCA-B, either by debit of their UCCA-B or cash payment or any other means
Cash Deposit :
  • Cash will be deposited only in the branch, where the account is maintained, or at the Cash Chest to which the branch is linked
  • No intersol cash remittances, other than to the Cash Chest, will be allowed, under UCCA-B. Cash, duly sorted and made into packets, is required to be deposited by the concerned Bank,as per RBI guidelines. Cash deposited should not be below denomination of Rs.100/-
  • No charges will be levied for deposit of cash upto the following limits per day :-
    • Scheduled Commercial Banks: Rs 100 lacs per day
    • RRBs/Cooperative Banks      : Rs 50 lacs per day
  • Charges, as applicable to ordinary Current Accounts, will be levied for operations over & above the free limits prescribed and also if prescribed AMB is not maintained
Cash withdrawal:
For cash withdrawal of above Rs 10.00 lacs, in Semi-Urban and Rural centres, at least 1 day prior intimation is required.
Cheque Leaves :
One multicity cheque book of 100 leaves, per month, will be allowed free of charge.
Criteria for concessions :- AMB of previous month (16th to 15th )
(Usual charges for facilities if AMB not maintained).
(Union Bank of India reserves the right to change/alter/withdraw the terms and conditions/scheme/product.)
Highlights of Benefits :
 Remittances & Cash  Deposits
 Remittances PO/DD/Intersol (other than cash deposits)/Multi  City Cheques/RTGS/NEFT :-
  1. RRB/Coop : 125 lac per month
  2. SCB        :  100 lacs per day
 Cash Deposits at base branch:
  1. RRB/Coop :  50 lacs per day
  2. SCB        : 250 lac per month
 Charges above limit :-  Usual charges as applicable to general current accounts
 Restrictions (Fund tr.)
  1. No such restriction regarding destination centres
  2. To be availed through UCCA-B
  3. Only for Bank's own purpose
 Restrictions(Cash Depo.)
 - Only in Base branch.
  1. RRB/Coop :  50 lacs per day
  2. SCB        : 100 lacs per day
 - No intersol cash deposits.
 - Over the limit prescribed charges as applicable to ordinary     current accounts.
 - Less than Rs 100 denominations not accepted.
 Cash withdrawal :
 - At Base branch only.
 - Withdrawals in excess of Rs10 lacs in Rural/Semi-Urban centres, requires one day notice.
 Cheque leaves :  100 leaves per month.