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Union eCash- Transfer Emergency fund using MOBILE NUMBER through ATM and Vyom
Union eCash is remittance services which helps customers to send money to recipients who are not our bank customers. Anyone having a debit card of any bank can receive money and draw it from Union Bank ATMs.
The Solution enables remittance of money based on mobile number

  • Beneficiary having any bank debit  card can withdraw  the money
  • The facility of remittance is also available in all Union bank ATMs
  • Daily limit is Rs 5000  and monthly Rs 25000
  • Minimum Union e-cash remittance will be for Rs 100
  • No partial withdrawal permitted
  • Union eCash remittance is absolutely FREE for Union Bank Customer
  • Visit any Union Bank ATM
  • Insert debit card
  • Select  “Fund Transfer” option
  • Under fund transfer select “eCash” option
  • Under eCash option select “Issue Payment” option
  • Input the following details on system prompting:
    • Beneficiary  mobile number
    • Remitter mobile number
    • Remitter PIN(to be created during transaction by remitter)
    • Confirm Remitter PIN
    • Amount to be remitted
  • System displays all the details entered by the customer and requests for confirmation
  • Upon confirmation  a transaction success message will be displayed
  • Remitter will receive a confirmatory message on his mobile
  • Remitter has to convey Remitter PIN to the beneficiary
  • Beneficiary will receive a message on his mobile  informing about the amount received  on his mobile and the 4 digit system generated  PIN
WITHDRAWAL OF MONEY Union e-cash withdrawal
  • Beneficiary  to visit Union Bank ATM  for withdrawal of amount
  • Beneficiary  to Insert debit card in to Union Bank ATM ( Any Bank debit card)
  • Authenticate by supplying ATM PIN
  • Select  language option
  • Select  “Fund transfer” option
  • Select "eCash” option
  • Select “eCash withdrawal”
  • Input the following details on system prompting:
    • Beneficiary  mobile number
    • Remitter PIN(which conveyed by remitter)
    • Beneficiary PIN(received by beneficiary via SMS)
    • Amount to be withdrawn ( No partial withdrawal is allowed )
  • Once confirmed  a transaction success message will be displayed  and cash will be dispensed.