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This Deposit Scheme has integrated features of the Savings Deposit and Fixed Deposit. Through this scheme, you can enjoy the benefits like liquidity and ease of operation of savings account and higher returns on surplus funds like fixed deposits. The details of the scheme are as under:


NRIs / PIOs/OCIs (other than person resident in Nepal and Bhutan) (Individuals from Pakistan require prior approval of RBI).

Who can open this account?


Minimum balance in Savings Account

Rs. 50,000/-

Sweep Out amount (From SB to Flexi Term Deposit account)

Rs. 10,000/- and in multiples of Rs. 10,000/- Upto Rs. 1 Crore per day

Periodicity of Sweep out


Sweep In amount ( From Flexi term Deposit to SB Account)

Rs. 5000/- and in multiples of Rs. 5000/-

Period of Term deposit

46 days to 1 year

Free benefits

  1. 5 cheque books of 20 leaves each per FY.(NA) for SB Account
  2. No NEFT/RTGS Charges*
  3. No minimum balance charges

*Please note that the free benefit will be available only when the minimum balance is maintained at the time of event.
^The month is considered from 16th to 15th of the next month.

Rate of Interest

As applicable to Savings Bank Deposit and Fixed Deposit in force from time to time. Interest will be paid on a quarterly basis on the Fixed Deposit and credited into Savings Deposit Account.

Other Features:

  • A passbook will be issued to the depositor for relative SB account with all the details of SB Flexi Account, the linked FD Flexi Account, TDS adjustment if any etc.
  • No separate Deposit receipt shall be issued by the bank for the Union Flexi Deposit Scheme.
  • Nomination facility Available
  • TDS is applicable on the deposits in the linked FD Flexi Account
  • No Loan/Overdraft/Lien will be permitted against the linked FD Flexi Account under this scheme