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Image IndiaFirst Money Balance Plan

IndiaFirst Money Balance Plan (UIN 143L017V05)is a unit linked, non-participating, life insurance endowment policy that helps you save for the future, while limiting your exposure to market fluctuations. The policy is designed to offers market linked returns along with the security of a life cover. With our ‘automatic trigger based’ investment strategy, we help you save systematically and transfer the earnings on your investment in a relatively safe fund that gives consistent returns.

Key Features:

  • You can optimize your savings with the help of our ‘automatic trigger based’ investment strategy. We help you build your savings systematically while securing the earnings through an automatic transfer in relatively safe funds that give consistent returns.
  • You may pay your premium(s) either regularly or for a limited period of time or through a single payment.
  • The policy offers a life cover in case of the life assured’s untimely demise.
  • Access your money in case of any financial emergency through partial withdrawals after the completion of lock-in period.
  • You can purchase this policy online, at your convenience.
  • Get tax* benefits as per applicable tax laws.

*Tax exemptions are as per applicable tax laws as amended from time to time.