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Types of payments handled

  • NEFT / RTGS based payments to other Bank’s account.
  • Aadhaar Based Payments through Aadhaar Payment Bridge.
  • Intra Bank Transfer payments.

Process Flow

  1. Implementing Agencies prepares & provides beneficiary list to State Government Department in electronic form. OR Consolidated beneficiary list is being generated by the Software packages running at the State Government Departments for various Govt Schemes.
  2. Consolidated beneficiary list at the respective State Government Department’s/Office’s website is pulled to Banks’ SFTP server.
  3. Bank processes the transactions (NEFT /RTGS / Transfers) through CBS.
  4. Responses/Status (Success/Failure) of all transactions flows back to the State Government Dept through SFTP along with required e Scrolls.

MIS on DBT for Decision support

  • State wise, District wise and Scheme wise payments to beneficiaries.
  • Payment Status (success/failure/pending)
  • Summary Reports on DBT.

Features of the offered Solutions

  • Real time interface with State Government Treasuries/State Government Departments.
  • Completely Secured & Automated process of payments executed by Bank in a seamless manner.
  • Execution is done through STP (Straight through process), without any manual intervention.
  • Customizable solution with comprehensive MIS facility.
  • Direct transfer of benefits to the end user seamlessly.
  • Provides real time MIS to Agencies 
  • Real time Accounting and Reconciliation.
  • Consolidated required MIS as per Scheme/Agency/District/Block/Account Head/Categories wise.
  • Digital Audit Trail and updates.
  • Transparency in transactions.