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For purchase of bee-hives along with accessories like bee boxes, honey extractor, smoker, bee veil, bee knife, swarm catching net, hive stands, honey drum, bee capturing expenses for bee colonies etc., and also to meet maintenance cost/recurring cost.


  • Small Farmers & Marginal Farmers / Agricultural labourers& individuals/Association of persons/Companies who possess adequate experience in bee-keeping and are desirous of taking up bee-keeping activity on commercial basis.

Extent & Nature of loan:

As per NABARD unit cost & guidelines subject to economical viability of the project.


  • Up to Rs.1.60 lakh: Nil.
  • Above Rs.1.60 lakh : minimum 10%


  • Loans up to Rs.1.60 lakh

Hypothecation of asset created out of bank finance.

  • Loans above Rs.1.60 lakh-
  • Hypothecation of asset created out of bank finance and;
  • Mortgage of land (Accepted value of land should not be less than 100% of loan amount) &/ or third party guarantee (means should not be less than 100% of loan amount).

Repayment period

Term loan to be repaid in monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly instalments in maximum 7 years with moratorium period of maximum 12 months.

Forms & Documents

Appropriate DPN note, Letter of continuity,  Hypothecation of agreement, Deed of guarantee ,Declaration/undertaking for Agriculture advance, Mortgage deed ,  Letter of general lien and setoff , Undertaking from borrower /Guarantor for disclosure to CIBIL and any other document stipulated in sanction.

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Conditions apply

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