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image  Financial Inclusion Mission

An integrated approach to delivery of Banking, Insurance and Pension Services through Branches and Branchless Banking Model to each household and members of 25086 villages and also through 8349 SSAs allotted to bank. Bank also aims to provide BC Services in non SSA areas in Metro, Urban, Semi Urban and Rural areas apart from Urban Wards and provide basic banking services from Kiosk / Fixed Location Bank Mitr / Branches.

Our Approach to Financial Inclusion:-

Financial inclusion is usually construed in two ways.

  • Countering the exclusion from the payment system that is, not having an access to a bank account.
  • Countering the exclusion from the formal financial services.

The approach of our Bank has been to establish the basic right of every person to have access to a bank account. This approach is based on the fundamental principle of 5A's namely

  • Adequacy and
  • Availability of financial services to all sections of the society through the formal financial system
  • Awareness of financial services
  • Affordability and
  • Accessibility of the appropriate financial products through a combination of conventional and alternative delivery channels and technology enabled services and processes.