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Duplicate Share Certificates

For defaced/damaged share certificate(s)

Duplicate share certificate(s) are issued in lieu of defaced/damaged share certificates. The defaced/damaged share certificates may be sent with a request letter alongwith relevant information to facilitate issue of duplicate certificate(s).

In case of theft or loss of certificate(s)

The loss of share certificate(s) shall be reported immediately to Union Bank of India / Registrar & Share Transfer Agent alongwith certificate nos./folio no. and distinctive nos. to stop transfer of such shares.

In case a transferee wishes to have the transfer deed signed by his constituted Attorney, kindly attach the necessary Power of Attorney duly notarised. A complaint shall have to be lodged with the local police station about the loss of certificate(s) and a copy of the FIR shall be obtained.

Simultaneously, the Civil Court should be approached for obtaining an order restraining Union Bank of India / Registrar & Share Transfer Agent from transferring such shares.

The request for issue of duplicate share certificate(s) shall be sent to Union Bank of India / Registrar & Share Transfer Agent alongwith Letter of Indemnity in the prescribed form duly stamped and a Letter of Surety, if required.

Duplicate share certificate(s) will be issued only after necessary notification regarding the loss/non-receipt of the original share certificates is given in the newspapers.

For any query, you may contact Investor Services Division or Registrar & Share Transfer of the Bank. Contact details are available on -