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To increase banking automation and provide more comfort to customers, Bank has installed CDMs at selected branches and e-Lobbies. The CDMs are self operated without intervention of bank staff. The machines accept the cheques and also provides additional facility of account name /number verification for credit to the correct account. CDMs have gained popularity as cheques can be deposited even after bank working hours.

Cheque Deposit Work Flow

  • When application starts welcome screen shown to the customer along with the instruction for "Touch the screen to proceed".
  • After clicking the welcome screen customer will be asked to enter Account No.
  • After entering the correct account number "Please wait" screen will be displayed and in background entered account number is validated.
  • On the successful response from the Core, Name and account number is displayed on the screen.
  • On confirming the above beneficiary details, customer has to enter the Cheque Amount .
  • On the valid amount entry, customer will be asked to enter a cheque.
  • On successful reading the MICR line from the cheque, a confirmation screen will be displayed showing all the cheque details.
  • Only for successful transaction, receipt will be presented to the customer.
  • Customer will ask whether to deposit more cheques in same account.
  • Thank you screen will be shown to the customer.