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Image  Current Account( CD General)



Individual/s, HUF, Sole Proprietary concerns, Partnership, Pvt. and Pub. Ltd. Cos., Corporations, Clubs, Associations, Cooperative Societies, Govt. Departments, Religious Endowments, Semi Govt. or Local Bodies, Trusts, Executors and administrators, liquidators, Other Banks, State Financial Corporation, Dept of authority created by Govt, LLPs etc.

Average Quarterly Balance

Rural Rs 1000/, SU Rs 2500/, Urban Rs 5000/, Metro Rs 10000/

Cash Deposit Charges

Base Branch - Up to Rs 50000/- or 1000 pieces whichever is lower

per day free.

Non Base Branch - Up to Rs 25000/- or 500 pieces whichever is lower

per day free.

(Chargeable, Beyond above limit as per Service Charge Circular).

Type of ATM/Debit card

Classic card

Debit Card charge

Issue charge –FREE

Annual maintenance charge –As per applicable charges.

Access to own Bank ATM

5 transactions (financial + non-financial) per month Free.

Access to other bank ATM

As per applicable charges from first transaction onwards (No free transaction).

ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit

Rs.25,000/- Per day

POS Limit

Rs 50000/- per day

Cheque leaves

As per applicable charges


As per applicable charges

Charges for non-maintenance of AQB

Rural Rs 200/+ GST - Other centres Rs 500/- + GST per quarter


No interest to be paid

  1. ATM cards are given to individual current accounts, joint individuals and to the accounts of proprietary concerns.
  2. Statement of account is issued as per requirement (Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Yearly).