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Image  Top Benefits of Home Loan Vs Cash Payment while Buying House

Top Benefits Of Home Loan Vs Cash Payment While Buying House

A home loan is often used to buy a house or apartment, a piece of land for a house, or to restore, expand, and repair your current residence.

But why is it believed that getting a home loan is advantageous compared to paying cash for a home? Which strategy works the best?

Let's find out!

Today's blog discusses the top benefits of getting a home loan vs. making cash payments.

But, firstly, let's discuss,

Home Loan: Quick Overview!

A home loan is a type of secured loan used to purchase a home with the use of the asset as security. Loans for homes provide high-value financing at cheap interest rates and for a long time. Through EMIs, they are paid back. After repayment, the Bank's charge on the property is released.

Moving ahead, let's discuss,

Top benefits of home loan vs cash payment while buying a house!

A home loan in India comes with various benefits, including:

#1. Lower home loan interest rates

A house loan has a substantially lower interest rate than any other sort of loan that is offered. In order to get out of financial trouble, you might be able to top up your current house loan at a cheaper interest rate than a personal loan.

#2. Tax benefits

A home loan has various tax benefits. If you have a home loan, you can exclude interest and principal payments from your taxable income. Owners can deduct up to Rs. 2 lahks in interest on their house loan for a self-occupied/ let out property under section 24 of the Income Tax

Act (ITA). The exemption on interest is limited to the lower of two amounts: a) Rs. 2 lahks or b) the actual interest paid on all assets owned by a taxpayer.

#3. Liquidity

It is better and more sensible to save or invest any liquid funds you have on hand. Because life is chaotic, our plans frequently become wrecked. A liquidity problem could arise down the road if you use up all of your available cash to buy a house in one go. While only paying a portion of your income in home loan EMIs, home loans allow you to maintain your liquidity.

#4. Due Diligence

When you apply for a home loan in India, banks look at the property from a legal perspective to ensure the documentation is legitimate and the ownership is clean. Your risks of getting scammed will decrease due to the banks due diligence investigation.

#5. Boosts credit score

Your credit score and creditworthiness will increase if you pay off your EMIs timely as per schedule on a home loan. It is simpler for you to get other loans if your history with your home loan is solid.

#6. Repayment Tenure

Only home loans permit a payback period of up to 30 years. As a result, extending the term will help you pay off your debt more quickly. Use a straightforward online tool, like the home loan EMI calculator, to determine how your EMI will alter when the tenure changes.

#7. Less burden

The only lump sum payment required when applying for a home loan in India is the one you make as a down payment. As a result, the impact of making a large payment is spread out across EMIs.

Final words

Home loans are a practical approach to fulfill your dream of owning a home.  Now that you are aware of the plethora of advantages provided by home loans, you can jump right and start your exciting journey towards being a home buyer right away! If you want you can also take advantage of the Builder Tie-up initiative by Union Bank of India.

Union Bank of India now has partnerships with builders in several cities. All of this will enable you to choose properties from certified building projects under builder agreements with Union Bank of India and get hassle-free home loans. Only after being thoroughly examined by legal professionals and after many levels of investigation these are projects approved for highly recognized builders. Choosing from housing projects that have been approved by the bank would provide you more peace of mind.

Apart it also offers various benefits like:

  • Quick approval & Fast Disbursement.
  • Waiver in legal Charges.
  • Waiver in valuation charges.
  • No need for interim security.

Union Bank of Indiaprovide tailored home loans with simple access, cost-effective interest rates, and planned EMI options. Visit here for more details.