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Image  Making Abroad Education a Reality with Streamlined Union Education Loan for Abroad Study

Making Abroad Education a Reality with Streamlined Union Education Loan for Abroad Study

A major dream for many students in an increasingly globalized environment is to pursue higher Education Abroad. Globally, students are drawn to international universities due to their exposure, excellent standard of education, and professional prospects.

The expense of such education, however, can frequently be extremely high. That's where Union Bank of India comes in, providing an easy-to-apply student loan for abroad studies that makes your dream of studying abroad come true.

So, let's get started!

Education Loan for Studying Abroad: Empowering Indian Students

Union Bank of India's education loan for abroad studies is designed to support meritorious Indian students in pursuing higher, professional, and technical education in recognized institutions.

Whether you aspire to enroll in a prestigious university abroad or seek specialized training in a technical field, this study loan for abroad covers a wide range of courses to fuel your academic ambitions.

Key Highlights of Union Abroad Education Loan: -

  • 1. Student Eligibility
    • The student should be an Indian National.
    • Admission secured in abroad for higher education.
    • Have secured admission to professional / technical courses in a recognized institution abroad through entrance test/ merit-based selection process.
  • 2. Age Criteria
    • No minimum or maximum age restrictions, offering flexibility to all eligible for Education loan candidates.
  • 3. Co-Applicant Requirement
    • A parent or spouse/parent(s)/parent(s)-in-law for married applicants.
    • Close relative or guardian in case of deceased parents.
    • Co-applicant must be an Indian national.
  • 4. Eligible Courses
    • Graduation, post-graduation, Degree/diploma, technical, professional, management, and courses in recognized/reputed institutions/University.
    • Post-graduation: MCA, MBA, MS, etc
    • Courses offered by renowned universities abroad and certified degree programs by institutes like CIMA, London, CPA, USA, among others.
    • Post graduate diploma courses of reputed institutes / universities.
  • 5. Quantum of Loan
    • Need-based financing with no maximum limit.
    • Margin requirements vary based on loan amount.
  • 6. Expenses Covered
    • Tuition fees, hostel/mess charges, examination/library/laboratory fees.
    • Insurance, caution deposits, purchase of books/equipment/computer, travel expenses, admission fees, and other necessary expenses.
  • 7. Repayment Tenure
    • Maximum of 15 years post-course completion, with accrued interest added to the principal for EMI calculation.
  • 8. Rate of Interest
    • Interest rates linked to the latest rates offered by Union Bank of India.
    • Interest rebate available for timely interest servicing during the course and moratorium period.
  • 9. Security and Insurance
    • Security requirements based on loan amount, ranging from no security for smaller amounts to tangible collateral for higher loans.
    • Mandatory life insurance for the student equivalent to the loan amount.

Why Choose Union Bank of India's Education Loan?

  • 1. Flexible Financing Options

    Union Bank of India's student loan for studying abroad offers customized financial solutions tailored to your unique needs.

    Whether you're pursuing graduate studies or a specialized technical course Abroad, our loan options ensure seamless funding for your educational journey.

  • 2. Competitive Interest Rates

    Our education loan for abroad studies comes with competitive interest rates that are linked with prevailing market rates.

    This ensures affordability and transparency in interest calculations, making it easier for you to plan and manage your finances.

  • 3. Comprehensive Coverage

    From tuition fees to travel expenses and everything in between, our study loan for abroad provides comprehensive coverage for a wide range of educational costs.

    This includes hostel fees, examination fees, purchase of books and equipment, and other essential expenses, thereby easing your financial burden.

  • 4. Easy Repayment Plans

    We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to repayment. That's why our student loan offers extended repayment tenure options, allowing you to choose a repayment plan that suits your financial situation.

    Additionally, we provide options for interest servicing during the moratorium period, offering convenience and financial flexibility.

  • 5. Security and Support

    Your financial security and academic success are our top priorities. Our student loans come with mandatory insurance coverage and flexible security options, ensuring that you can focus on your studies without worrying about financial setbacks.

    We believe in supporting you every step of the way, from application to graduation and beyond.


Union Bank of India's education loan for abroad studies is designed to make your dream of studying abroad a reality. With flexible financing, competitive rates, comprehensive coverage, easy repayment plans, and strong security measures, we are committed to empowering students like you to achieve academic excellence and success.

Choose Union Bank of India for a brighter future and a fulfilling Educational experience for Abroad Study.