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Tissue culture is a viable alternative for the production of agricultural commodities with high yield and enhanced quality. Propagation by tissue culture offers good commercial prospect in ornamental plants, vegetables and also fruit plants, where value of the products is high. In recent years, the demand for Tissue Culture Plantlets of elite plant varieties has grown tremendously in domestic as well as foreign market.

Realizing the potential of plant tissue culture technology in revolutionizing the commercial agriculture sector by enabling mass propagation of elite, high yielding and disease free plants throughout the year, our Bank is launching a new Product “Union Biotech.The product is aimed especially for financing for setting up of Tissue Culture laboratories and also polyhouses on commercial scale.

Under the Scheme, Term Loan/ Working Capital Loan will be provided to individual, joint individuals, Corporates qualified professional entrepreneurs/sole proprietary concerns/partnership firms/public and private limited companies/co-operatives etc for production of Tissue Culture Plantlets.
Quantum of Loan
It is a project based loan with no ceiling on upper limit.
Rate of Interest

To promote the Tissue Culture in country and to encourage more entrepreneurs to take up the Tissue Culture Projects, a concession in Rate of interest is provided
Margin –
25% of Loan amount
Repayment Period
7 years Repayment period for borrower to easily repay their loan. Besides this moratorium period of 2 years will be provided, so that borrowers can fully establish his laboratory and start continuous revenue generation before starting repayment of Loan.

The seedling produced by the Tissue Culture laboratories will be extensively used by the farmers for growing of crops. This will reduce their cost as well as increase their yield thereby enhancing their income.