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Image Union Dealer Finance Scheme

Sr. No.


Scheme Guidelines*


  • Selected authorized dealers/Franchise (hereinafter called dealer) of OEM/Corporates.


  • The OEM/Corporates should be reputed entity having well accepted products in the market.
  • Dealers should be dealing with the OEM/Corporate in satisfactory manner for at least one year.



Nature of facility

Working Capital Facility

  • For Dealer Finance a ODCFD scheme will be selected in Finacle.
  • For day to day expenses /service/repairs/establishment etc a regular CC (Hypo against stock/book debts) as sub limit will be opened in Finacle.

Assessment /Quantum of facility

Minimum Rs.0.25 crore
Maximum Rs.50.00 crore

( Within which a CC(H) of maximum 10% of the limit assessed for dealer finance may be given)


Rate of Interest

Rate of interest for the scheme will be 1 year MCLR+1.00%.

If the Internal credit rating of the OEM/Corporate is below BB, interest rate will be 1 year MCLR + 1.75%.



  • The dealer has to make repayment within the agreed credit period.


  • In case the dealer fails to repay within the agreed credit period i.e maximum upto 90 days including grace period, no further drawings will be allowed from ODCFD account. IT enabled platform for the dealer will be automatically deactivated, if any invoice is not paid within the agreed credit period and grace period.

Adhoc Limit

  • Up to 20% of the sanctioned limit for maximum period of 3 months and this will be sanctioned along with regular sanction and will be made available to the dealer at the request of the dealer. The same to be informed to OEM/Corporates.

*Conditions apply, for further details, please visit our nearest Branch.