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Shanghai Representative Office

Representative office in Shanghai, PRC

Bank opened its first Overseas Representative Office in Shanghai, People's Republic of China in May 2007. The Representative Office carries out non-operational activities including consultation, liaison and market investigation. A large number of Indian corporates have established businesses in Shanghai, PRC and other major cities in the PRC. Indian entrepreneurs have also set up Joint Ventures and Wholly Owned Subsidiary in the PRC. The Bank’s Representative Office assists these entrepreneurs with above functions

Union Bank of India,
Shanghai Representaive office
Room No,. 1509, Huasheng Building,
399, Jiu Jiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai-200001,
People’s Republic of China.
Tel :+86-2152082258
Fax : +86-2152082259
E-mail :  shanghai
Chief Representative Mr. Satheeshkumar Mungath
Mobile: (0086) 13501930240

  • Consultation, liaison and market investigation in the Chinese market.
  • Providing market information, consultation and liaison to Chinese industries willing to establish business relationships in India.
  • Developing correspondent relationship with banks in India and China for Trade facilitation.
  • Assisting Indian and Chinese entrepreneurs in setting up offices and Joint Ventures in China and India respectively.
  • Providing information support to Chinese business entrepreneurs to set up business relationships with Indian counterparts.