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Image  Savings Flexi Deposit Scheme (SBNFD)

Integrated features of the Savings Deposit and Fixed Deposit, namely liquidity with higher interest returns on surplus funds.


Individuals, Non-Government bodies/Organisations/Agencies who are eligible to open savings bank accounts.

Minimum balance in SB

Rs 50,000/-

Sweep Out amount

Minimum of Rs 10,000 and in multiples of Rs 10,000 Up to Rs 1 Crore per day.

Periodicity of Sweep out


Sweep in amount

Rs.5,000/ and in multiples of Rs 5,000/-

Period of Term Deposit

46 days to 1 year

Type of Debit card

Platinum card

Debit Card charge

Issue charge –Free
Annual Maintenance charge –As per applicable charges.

Access to own Bank ATM

5 transactions (financial + non-financial) per month Free.

Access to other bank ATM

3 transactions (financial + non-financial) per month at Metro or 5 transactions(financial + non-financial) per month at other centres are Free

ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit

Rs 75,000/- Per day


Rs 150,000/- Per Day

Free Personal Accident Insurance (Death) with debit card*

Rs 2 Lakhs (by bank), Rs 2 Lakhs (additional by NPCI for Rupay Platinum Card).

SMS banking charges

As per applicable charges

Personalized Cheque Leaves

60 leaves per year FREE.


As per applicable charges.


Unlimited FREE


As per applicable charges

Penalty for non-maintenance of min balance


Account closure -within 14 days or after 12 months


Account closure -Between 15 days to 12 months

As per applicable charges.

*Personal Accident insurance with debit card is subject to terms and conditions of debit card policy/usage and policy of NPCI which may change from time to time.