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Insurance & Investment
Mutual Funds : Disclosure of Comm & Fees
Mutual Disclosure Comm & Fees

Union Bank of India is distributor of various Mutual Fund products under tie-up arrangements with Mutual Fund Companies. In accordance with the RBI circular: RBI:2009-10/225 DBOD No. FSD.BC.60/24.01.001/2009-10 dated 16th Nov 2009; details of Commission / Other Fee received by the Union Bank of India for distribution of various Mutual Fund products is as under:

Financial Companies Product Type Commission/ Other Fee #
Mutual Fund Equity Schemes (Upfront)      From 0% to 1.00%
  Equity Schemes (Trail)                  From 0% to 1.00%
  Debt Schemes (Upfront) From 0% to 1.00%
  Debt Schemes (Trail) From 0% to 1.00%

# : Commission/ Other Fee as percentage of investment Amount for various Mutual Fund products. The above Commission/ Fee are as on 1st December 2009.

For any further clarification please contact our nearest Branch during working hours

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