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Other Services
Cash Management Service

    1. Collection products

      1. Local Cheques Collection (LCC)
      2. Upcountry Cheques Collection (UCC)
      3. Centralised debits/credits (mandates & cheques)
      4. Virtual account

    2. Payment products

      1. Bulk upload of TTUM/ NEFT/RTGS
      2. Cheque writing


    1. LCC
    2. Local cheques are deposited at CMS Branches and CMS centres and payout made to clients as per arrangement supported by a detailed MIS

    3. UCC
    4. Cheques/instruments drawn on outstation locations, both within and outside network, are collected and payout made to clients as per arrangement supported by a detailed MIS.

    5. Centralised debits/credits of cheques and mandates
    6. Union Bank cheques of various locations held by clients are lodged in any CMS Branch from where the cheques are debited on line and proceeds credited to clients account. Similarly debits/credits are carried out based on mandates received.

    7. Virtual account
    8. RTGS/NEFT remittances received in Virtual account are decoded and credit afforded to the customer’s account without having to disclose the actual account number to the remitter, and provides customized MIS.

    9. Bulk TTUM/NEFT/RTGS
    10. Bulk payments are effected by  file upload for Bank’s own customers, and  to other bank account holders by way of RTGS/NEFT

    11. Cheque writing
    12. Multicity cheques are printed by our Bank at desired locations on behalf of the clients in order to meet their bulk payment requirements with or without facsimile signature.

Corporates who desire to avail these facilities may get in touch any of our CMS Branches or AGM at our Corporate office as shown below:
Name Location Contact Number
MR. BIJU S. AGM, CMS CO, MUMBAI 022- 22892014, 7738390360
MR. ABHAY GUPTA MUMBAI 022 -22892082, 7045590920
MR. S. K. SHARMA DELHI 011- 23521711
MR. KESHAV GROVER CHENNAI 044 - 43502631, 9940533633
MR. ABHISHEK SINGH KOLKATA 033 -32421283, 9830491660
MR. NILOTPAL BISWAS BANGALORE 080 -22958278, 9741787506
MR. M V M SARMA HYDERABAD 040 -23421884, 7674826963
MR. RAHUL M. PLACKEN KOCHI 0484 - 2385242, 9747044660

CMS - advantages

  • Faster realization of instruments and better funds management
  • Collection of funds at the source of origin
  • Centralized control of receivables and disbursals
  • Faster and easier transfer of funds to locations of choice.
  • No requirement of multiple accounts at multiple locations.
  • Nominal fee/commission.
Union Bank CMS
  • 9 specialized CMS Branches
  • Over 100 CMS Processing centres
  • Over 700 locations for collection of up country cheques
We have been working through your good selves for more than 6 to 7 years.
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