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Union Bank of India - Details of Departmental Heads
Department Personal Banking & Operations
Area of Operation Customer Service, Deposits portfolio, Government Business
General Manager Mr. Debajyoti Gupta
Telephone Number 022-22896601
Fax number 022-22021924
Department Alternate Channels , New Initiatives, Merchant Banking & Currency Chest / Cash Management
Area of Operation ATMs, Cards, Remittances [NEFT/RTGS], Online Payments, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Phone Banking, Call Centre, Point of Sale terminals & Payment Gateway, New Products ,Services, ASBA, Online Trading, Public Issue Management& Cash Management.
General Manager Shri Debajyoti Gupta
Telephone Number 022-22896601
Fax number 022-22021924
Department Third Party Products
Area of Operation Life & Non Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, D-MAT
General Manager Mr. P. K. Bansal
Telephone Number 022-22896683
Fax number 022-22042010
Department Retail Banking
Area of Operation Retail Loans including Home Loans, Educational Loans, Car loans etc
General Manager Mr. P. K. Bansal
Telephone Number 022-22896683
Fax number 022-22042010
Department International Banking Division & DFB
Area of Operation International Banking
General Manager Mr. R Maheshwaran
Telephone Number 022-22896313
Fax number 022-22824689
Department Treasury
Area of Operation Treasury Operations
General Manager Mr. K. N. Reghunathan
Telephone Number 022-22892101
Fax number 022-22892346
Department Information Technology
Area of Operation IT Policy, Planning and Operations pertaining to Data Centre, DR site, Internet Banking, Network Management, Data Warehouse, Document Management, IT Security Management etc.
General Manager Mr. Ajit Kumar Rath
Telephone Number 022-25710501
Fax number 022-25704132
Department Corporate Communications
Area of Operation The Bank’s communication with outside world related to publicity, its planning & execution.
General Manager Mrs. Rekha Nayak
Telephone Number 022-22892530
Fax number 022-22823628

Department Support Services & Branch Expansion
Area of Operation Anything related to non-financial assets of the Bank, their procurement & maintenance. Br.Exp: Branch expansion and related matters.
General Manager Mr. S. K. Singh
Telephone Number 022-22892503
Fax number 022-22823628
Department Personnel and Human Resources
Area of Operation Human Resources Management
General Manager Mr. A.K. Thakur
Telephone Number 022-22896201
Fax number 022-22024767
Department Large Corporate & Loan Syndication
Area of Operation All credit processing/sanctions for Large Corporate
General Manager Mrs. Mangla R. Prabhu 
Telephone Number 022-22896801
Fax number 022-22851167
Department Mid Corporate
Area of Operation New business proposals including Syndication
General Manager Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta
Telephone Number 022-22896861
Fax number 022-22856167
Department MSME [Micro Small & Medium Enterprises]
Area of Operation Catering to financial requirements of MSME covering all sectors such as manufacturing, services, trade etc
General Manager Mr. Kanekal Chandrasekhar
Telephone Number 022-22892201
Fax number 022-22023674
Department Rural & Agri Business
Area of Operation All types of loans for Agriculture and Allied Activities, Finance to Microfinance Institutions, Micro Credit, Government Sponsored Schemes, and overseeing of Regional Rural Banks
General Manager Mr. B.P. Dimri
Telephone Number 022-22896526
Fax number 022-22811694
Department Financial Inclusion
Area of Operation Overseeing Branchless Banking activities [Smart Card customers and customers served away from branch through Business Correspondents] involving Micro-savings, Micro-remittance, Micro-Loans, Micro-Insurance etc
General Manager Mr. Rajendra Prasad Mishra
Telephone Number 022-22896501
Fax number 022-22811694

Department Credit Recovery and Legal Services
Area of Operation Recovery Management and Legal Services
General Manager Mr. Ashok Gupta
Telephone Number 022-22896803
Fax number 022-22856166

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