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Non Fund Based Limits
What is Corporate Credit Channel NON-FUND BASED LIMITS?

Union Bank offers various types of non-fund based limits

Bank Guarantee

  • We issue Bank Guarantees on behalf of our customers guaranteeing their performance and also financial obligations.
  • We issue domestic BGs and also Foreign BGs


Letters of Credit

  • Both domestic LC and Import LC for procurement of goods and/or fixed assets on DA/DP basis are offered.
  • At a competitive LC commission


Letters of Comfort for availing the Buyers Credit

  • We issue Letters of Comfort to enable our clients to avail Buyers Credit from overseas Banks/FIs for procurement of goods or fixed assets


For further details & financing costs, please contact our nearest Large Corporate Branch

With reference to the above captioned subject, we would like to bring to your attention the remarkable service offered by your esteemed bank.
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