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Q. I have an existing home loan account. Is it possible to change from BPLR to BR?
A. Yes. For existing loan account holders, change from BPLR to BR is allowed. For specific details pertinent to your case, we would request you to contact your branch.
Q. Is there an option under home loan where I can pay smaller EMIs in the initial years and gradually increase the EMI value?
A. Yes. Home Loans gives you flexibility in repayment through various repayment modes like Balloon, Flip and Step-Up. Your requirement will be met by the Step-Up plan which gives you the option to pay smaller EMIs in the initial years and increase the value in the later years.
Q. Can I club my father's income for arriving at the eligible loan amount for vehicle loan?
A. No. For vehicle loans we accept only the spouse as the co-borrower, whose income can be clubbed for arriving at the loan eligibility amount.
Q. I need to open a bank account. Which account suits me best ?
A. Savings accounts are useful for putting in and withdrawing funds from time to time, and the passbook can be helpful for identification/address proof.

However when you need to put funds aside for some time, the Fixed Deposit type will earn better interest. Under this if interest is required each month then choose a Monthly Income Scheme, otherwise choose the DRIC scheme in which you get interest on interest.

Recurring deposits are good for saving regularly every month when you have a target date/amount in mind, or as part of a regular savings plan.

We also have other schemes including some designed specially for NRI customers.

In case certain identification/address documents are not immediately available, a No Frills Savings account can be opened with some restrictions on transactions.
Q. Can I use my credit/atm card to make internet or on-line purchases ?
  1. Yes. Credit/ATM/Prepaid Gift & Payroll cards issued by us can be used for making purchases online
  2. For safety and security of transactions, we have provided a facility for registering with 'Verified by Visa' or 'MasterCard SecureCode' depending on your card. This will enforce another password which is an additional level of security
  3. However a few websites might not prompt you for this password, if so please do not do any further transactions on them in the interest of security
Q. Time to repair my home. Is there any financing scheme that can help me ?
A. Yes, assistance for home improvement is available as Top Up loans for existing home loan borrowers. This can be for repair, renovation, furnishings etc and the eligible amount is mainly based on the amount of EMIs already repaid. The existing mortage of the home will continue as security.
Q. Every time I need to check balance, should I visit the branch ?
A. No, you can check your balance through your ATM card, Internet Banking, Mobile/SMS banking, or the Call Centre. Your balance is also printed on ATM transaction receipts.
Q. I have a loan already running in Union Bank, Am I eligible for other/personal loan?
A. Yes, subject to the repayment record on the present loan. We will also need to make an assessment of your repayment capacity [considering all loans put together], whether you meet the norms, and whether additional security will be necessary.
Q. My family resides in a remote village in India, how can I send money to them from the Gulf?
A. We have tied up with 21 Gulf Exchange houses who will look after the funds transfer. If your family has accounts with our Bank, either Express Remittance [available at certain Exchange Houses] or Demand Drafts may be used. For other banks the funds will be sent through NEFT/RTGS if that bank branch is on the NEFT/RTGS list, or through Demand Draft.This method of remittance can be used even if you do not yourself have an account with us.
Q. How can I get my Card blocked ?
A. Please call our 24x7 Call Centre on the numbers given at the top of the screen, and get the card Hot Listed (blocked).
For credit cards, you can also call the Credit Card Call Centre on 1800 22 22 44 or 080-25300175
Please also ask for a new card to be issued.
In case the old card is found later, please destroy it since it cannot be unblocked.
Q.How can I Stop Payment of my cheque ?
A. Please call our 24x7 Call Centre on the numbers given at the top of the screen. Your identity will be checked, and the request accepted subject to certain conditions which will be informed to you.
Alternatively you may give a written request at your Branch.
Q. I have forgotten my Internet Banking password for my account.
A.You can reset the password yourself, by using the link ‘Self Reset of Password’ on www.unionbankonline.co.in and creating a new password. This will be free of charge.
You will need your Internet Banking User ID , and the ATM card (number and PIN) for the account. Your mobile number, email address, and Income Tax PAN / Date of birth should already have been entered in the account.
Certain security precautions will also be taken before the password is allowed to be reset through this method.
You may refer to the following link: Guide to Self User Password Reset
You may also call our 24x7 Call Centre on the numbers given at the top of the screen. A new password will be generated and couriered to your address, however there charges for this service will be debited to your account.
Q. My Internet Banking password is not working, it seems to be blocked.
A. The password gets blocked after three unsuccessful attempts. This is a security measure to protect your account. Please call our 24x7 Call Centre on the numbers given at the top of the screen, and request them to unblock the password.
Q. Can I apply for ASBA online ?
A. Yes. Applications under the ASBA scheme can be made through Internet Banking from the comfort of one’s home. Modifications can also be made in the same way.
You may refer to the following link : Online ASBA
Q. Can I recharge my Mobile online ?
A. Yes. Your mobile can be recharged through the ATM or through Mobile Banking. Please check against the list of supported Mobile Service Providers on the screen. The amount will be debited from your account immediately.
Q. I would like to make a Donation online.
A. We have arrangements with certain Religious and Charitable Institutions, to whom you may make donations either through Internet Banking, or through firms such as BillDesk or through Credt/Debit Card.
For the list of such Institutions, please click here. If you would like to suggest the names of other institutions for inclusion in the list, please enter the suggestion here.
Q. Please help me to transfer money to an account at another bank.
A. The money may be transferred within India through Internet Banking using the NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) system which operates at set times during the day, or the RTGS(Real Time Gross Settlement) system which operates almost immediately but has a minimum amount eligible.
You may also give a cheque to your branch with a request to do the transfer. Mobile Banking may also be used with NEFT.
The amount can be transferred to any bank branch which is listed in the system and has an IFSC code number. If the beneficiary branch is not listed, then a DD (Demand Draft) on the nearest branch must be purchased and sent.
Alternatively you may use the IMPS [Interbank Mobile Payment System] to transfer funds through your mobile using the other person’s mobile as the reference.
Q. Can I pay my Credit Card bill online ?
A. Yes. The website has a link forpayment of Credit Card bills online using Internet Banking.
Q.Where can I make a request for a new cheque book ?
A. Union Bank is issuing personalized multicity cheque books to all customers. The request for a new cheque book can be made in various ways :
  • By submitting the cheque book requisition form at the Branch
  • By applying after logging in to Internet Banking
  • At the ATM
  • Through Mobile Banking
  • By contacting our 24x7 Call Centre on the numbers given at the top of the screen, either using the IVR or making a request to an agent
There are certain restrictions e.g. the present cheque book should not have a large number of leaves still unused
Delivery of the cheque book may take upto 10 days, please contact your branch if not received.
Q. How can I quickly find the balance in my account ?
A. The account balance can be found in various ways:
  • Through Internet Banking
  • At the ATM
  • Through Mobile Banking
  • By contacting our 24x7 Call Centre on the numbers given at the top of the screen, either using the IVR or making a request to an agent
Q. Can I pay my Taxes online ?
A. Yes. Union Bank is supporting theonline payment of both Direct & Indirect Taxes through Internet Banking.
We have also provided the facility to pay Income Tax through our ATMs.
Q. Please help me to pay my Loan EMI online.
A. While we request customers to use the Standing Instruction facility for payment of EMIs, we have provided the facility to pay your Loan EMI through Internet Banking for your convenience.
Q. How do I find out the status of my Education Loan Application ?
A. We have provided a tracker on the site for Educational Loan applications. You will need to give your Application number and your date of birth. Please click here to enter the tracker.
Q. Please help me with my Online Demat account.
A.For opening your Online Demat account, please submit the Opening form / photograph / ID proof at one of ourdesignated branches . The account is accessed through Internet Banking, which should be already in use by you.
The Online Demat account enables you to maintain your shares in dematerialized form and to access the account details 24x7. Transactions are fast and convenient.
In case of technical problems please write to nid@unionbankofindia.com.
Q. Can I do stock market trading online ?
A. Yes. We have partnered with various brokers in order to provide you with the facility of Online Trading at your convenience. Please select the broker through whom you would like to do your transactions.
In case of technical problems please write to nid@unionbankofindia.com .
Q. How can I register online for Mobile Banking ?
A. You can register immediately through options available inUnion Bank ATMs .
You can also register online at our website.
Please note that your mobile number should already have been entered in the account. If not, you will need to get it done by directly visiting the branch.
In case of problems please contact our 24x7 Call Centre on the numbers given at the top of the screen.
Q. The ATM did not issue cash / issued less cash but my account has been debited.
A. Please contact and inform the branch where you have your account.
You may also contact our 24x7 Call Centre on the numbers given at the top of the screen.
This is to be done whether the ATM belongs to Union Bank or to some other bank.
After verification of the ATM records, the amount due will be refunded to your account within 12 working days.
Q. I have forgotten my ATM PIN.
A. . It will be necessary to issue a new ATM PIN.
Please contacting our 24x7 Call Centre on the numbers given at the top of the screen.
You can either generate a new PIN immediately using the IVR , or make a request to an agent.
In the latter case a new PIN will be sent to your Branch within seven working days, and you are requested to collect it from there.
Q. Please help me pay my bills online.
A. We have provided the facility for customers to pay their bills online :
Q. If I need something to be done by the Bank, what do I do ?
A. We call this a Service Request
  • Please contact our 24x7 Call Centre on the numbers given at the top of the screen
  • They will advise you in case action cannot be taken immediately
However if you need to know about something before making your request :
  • Please first look up the product write up using the red Navigation Menu towards the top of the page, so that you have a better idea of what is available.
  • Next you can check the FAQs link at the top right hand side of the screen. You can also access FAQs through the blue CONTACT US icon at the right of the screen.
  • Next please check the Customer Service Point link at the top, or through the CONTACT US icon. Here you will find conversational style answers to many questions.
You may also contact your Branch for any assistance
Q. How do I find the addresses and contact details for Branches, ATMs etc ?
A. . Please click on the blue CONTACT US icon at the right of the screen, and select your choice from the ‘Visit Us’ panel
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